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Dear friends from all over the world.We can send our products to any part of the planet. From Albion to Himalayan mountains.

We try to give an opportunity to everyone to enjoy our workshop products.We use EMS and Boxberry where you can easily track your order and find out the date of shipment.There is no fix-price for it. The price depends on the region where you are.
Worldwide shipping
Push the button "CUSTOM MANUFACTURING". Next you choose the preferable messenger, text your phone number and push "SEND A REQUEST".

I get it and we discuss all the details and conditions of the order. Then you get the reference of the international payment system. The partial prepayment is 30%. I start making your request as soon as I get the deposit.
How to order
When the wooden product is ready I’ll send you photos and videos of it. You pay the remaining amount and we send the product at your address. You get the number of the passel for tracking it
product readiness
Best regards, woodcarving master Alexandr
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